We like the following sites. Let us know what you think.

An amazing cookbook that starts out with a brief and fabulous overview of Chinese Medicine. You can look up recipes by chief complaint and TCM diagnosis. Ancient Wisdom, Modern Kitchen: Recipes from the East for Health, Healing, and Long Life http://www.ancientwisdomcooking.com/index.html

A blog for those who want to rid their homes, and beauty routines, of unnecessary plastics and other things that we really don't need. This research loving R.N. posts all sorts of useful health related information. Cleans the new black.


The website of the man that many credit with the start of what we now call "integrative medicine"  think East meets West. This informative site has a wealth of practical content and a great "ask" section including an archive. Dr Andrew Weil, MD


Overall a pretty commercial website. However there are some free, fun and informative bits of content here regarding diet and exercise. We also like his book Eat Dirt. Dr Axe, DC


Regardless of how you feel about "conscious uncoupling" Gwyneth Paltrow has put together a well thought out and highly entertaining lifestyle site for the modern women. Her cookbooks are pretty yummy too. 


An "app" made for those of us who know we need to meditate and are not sure where to start. And yes it really was started by a former monk - Andy Puddicombe.


Kris Carr is a former cancer patient turned vegan wellness warrior who lives to inspire others to take a positive journey to wellness. Her vegan recipes are amazing and her site contains many resources for those wishing to adopt a more positive, healthier lifestyle.


Matthew Moore is a fourth generation farmer with an important message. If you love food and art, and if you are on my website I am guessing you do, please enjoy this thought provoking video from TEDxManhattan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqe_5C5yQJU

Please note: we are not compensated for listing these sites, nor are we advising you to follow their advice or purchase their products. We are expressing our own opinion and are providing these links for your perusal. As always before you follow any diet or exercise advice please consult your primary care physician to determine if it is suitable for you.